Thursday, December 11, 2008

What did the dead people need to bring to the underworld in order to survive?

People had to bring the Book of the Dead otherwise they probably wouldn't have had a very good chance of surviving in the underworld! The Book of the Dead contained magic spells that would help fight off dangerous creatures that came in there way, which would have been scary, in my opinion! Some of the creatures were snakes, fires and executioners, people that chop your head off :( The Book of the Dead was guaranteed to give you a safe passage through the underworld.


  1. Sweet! Now the afterlife won't be so bad. Now all I need is my trusty book of spells... That's kinda creepy that there were fires and executioners that would chop your head off! I thought that the afterlife was supossed to be a paridise! That seems more like a living nightmare! I didn't know most of that stuff. So cool!